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Octagon Systems Corporation is a global leader in computer systems, built for use in extreme environments. Our customers move people, equipment and products across land, air and sea. Today’s myriad of applications for rugged computer systems in mining, military, transportation, hauling, and agricultural operations have a common mandate- safety. Superior up-time means higher reliability and a better bottom line in challenging conditions where communications between humans and information systems is necessary.

Rugged Computer Systems

Rugged Computers


The TRAX line of industrial computers is Internet of Things (IoT) ready, serving as an edge gateway for integration with virtually any software system or product. TRAX products are field-proven in extreme conditions on six continents and are recognized for high-value related to durability, up-time and configurability.

  • Single hardware solution reduces technology clutter and physical footprint
  • Future proof, expandable I/O
  • Open Architecture  supports Windows® and Linux 
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TRAKR is the rugged, intelligent GPS tracking and control device that provides 24/7 insight of expensive mobile and semi-mobile assets. Mobile on-board or fixed field devices can be controlled and tracked remotely, saving time and improving efficiency.

  • Withstands high shock, vibration and temperature fluctuation
  • Wide temperature -40°C to 71°C


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The Intrinsic Value of Intelligent Asset Management: Protection, Productivity and Profit
Tough Touch

Tough Touch K-10 Display


The K-10 10” screen display is designed for in-cab use. It’s sized for optimal display of routine and situational awareness information, with high-brightness and auto backlight features for easy viewing.

  • Dual speakers provide clear sound quality in industrial situations
  • Cables are available for direct connection to the TRAX platform
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Octagon partners with leading OEM’s, software integrators and system integrators who require modular, open architecture systems that integrate easily with world-class safety, fleet management, communication, asset management and operations software designed to automate processes, lower costs, increase productivity and protect lives.

We have been in business for more than 34 years and have been ISO certified since 1993. Each component and computer is manufactured in the USA/Canada and meets strict supply chain and quality control standards. We work closely with software developers to understand customer and industry requirements and meet custom and semicustom needs are met without delay.


GEMINI Teck Wenco Canadian Natural Raytheon MinLog


In this industry, we need a rugged, dependable hardware choice that will run our robust software. The Octagon units provide us with the optimal mining computer platform for our products and they continue to advance the design and ruggedness with us for the future.

To say Wenco is impressed with Octagon System’s ruggedized, on-board mining vehicle computers is an understatement. For the past four years, Wenco has ordered over 2,000 units and shipped them to over 50 mine sites worldwide.

Mining equipment constantly challenges hardware by exposing the units to the roughest collection of environments on the planet. Vibration, dust, extreme heat and cold are constantly thrown at mining equipment. Keeping the delicate, sensitive communications and tracking components safe and in working order is essential for the Wenco System. Octagon builds that product for us.

We firmly stand behind Octagon as our major supplier of ruggedized, onboard mining computers."

Yoshi Furuno, Previous Vice President & COO
Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd.

Octagon Systems Finnish distributor Deal Comp Oy has been offering embedded computers to harsh northern environments since 1992.

The latest project with Deal Comp Oy, the TRAX-10 rugged computer plays a main role in the vehicle measuring radio network coverage, air pressure, temperature and various other important values for the network operators. The TRAX-10 unit was chosen because of its size with reliable and rugged design. The TRAX-10’s internal Ethernet switch, allows multiple connections with less devices needed to mount in to the vehicle. TRAX-10 offers wide operating temperature range, giving wide operation time from hot summer days to extreme freezing temperatures in wintertime. 

Markku Ryynänen
Technical Director
Deal Comp Oy

If your products weren’t so reliable we’d be buying more.

- Peter Cunningham, P. Eng/Administrator Engineering Systems Teck Resources LTD

Octagon SupportSupport

Our engineer-to-engineer support model and worldwide network of in-country technicians keep our products running longer and better than many of the bigger manufacturers, at a lower cost of ownership. If a customer must return a rugged computer system or peripheral for service, repairs may be handled in-country. This means no language barriers, no costly shipping and no lag time associated with Customs Laws.

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Octagon NewsNews

Apr 30, 2018, 1:00 PM
Octagon Systems Corporation (“Octagon”) and J-Squared Technologies Inc. (“J-Squared”) have entered into an agreement to purchase the Octagon TRAX product family.
Jul 20, 2017, 12:00 PM
Octagon’s TRAX rugged computers were recently deployed in Siberia, at two of the largest gold mines in the world.
Aug 1, 2016, 1:06 PM
August 2016 - Octagon Systems is pleased to announce the TRAX-10 mini-server/router optimized for the rugged mobile market. It is powered by the latest Intel® Quad-core CPU with high performance graphics capabilities. The TRAX-10 features a substantial…