Octagon Systems

Octagon Systems Corporation was founded in 1981. Our commitment to customer satisfaction results in fast, reliable service and outstanding long-term value. It’s why we are a global leader in the competitive rugged industrial computer market.

Our computing platforms and peripherals are flexible, innovative and tough, making them ideal for a variety of applications in challenging environments like mining, military, transportation, freight and agricultural operations.

Made in Canada/USA
ISO Certification and Testing Standards
Octagon History of Innovation

Made in Canada/USA

We design, manufacture, and test our products in Canada/USA. Our design engineers work on the production line, making it possible to resolve issues in minutes instead of days or weeks. This model eliminates gaps in culture and process, which can occur when production and engineering work separately.

Our Engineering Department is equipped with the latest design tools for high-tech computer development. Using advanced electronic design, analysis, and processing tools, Octagon can route new designs while tuning line lengths, avoiding RF emissions, analyzing timing, and measuring signal integrity and performance.

Our focus on Design For Manufacturing (DFM) means higher production yields at lower costs with shorter cycle times.

ISO Certification and Testing Standards

Our quality management system was AS9100 certified for the first time in 1993, and our processes for design, manufacturing and testing are in compliance with world-wide ISO standards.

Octagon complies with IPC standards, and our production staff are trained and certified to IPC-A-610.


EMC Certification

Many international standards require a written report of EMC test results. As part of our EMC program, a “report of measurement” is created that outlines the data collection and assessment process. A summary of the information is then generated. This “EMC Certificate of Assessment” is available upon request.

Immunity Testing

We use the latest signal generation equipment to simulate electrically noisy environments where incidental radiation from sources such as collapsing fields might damage or alter the circuitry of our boards. We also test computer performance under ESD, power supply fast transient and surge conditions. This brutal testing simulates the real world where reliability counts. Printed test reports are available to OEM customers.

Environmental Stress Screening

Certain components are susceptible to failure under environmental stress. We test the product life of our computers early in the design phase to identify and correct any “weak links”.

The HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) verifies the operating and destructive limits of Octagon computers. Computers are assessed for temperature and vibration stresses eclipsing the range of conditions they are designed to endure. So, when we say our computers operate over a broad temperature range of -40° to 85° C, and exceed military standards for shock and vibration survival, we mean it.

The HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) test is performed during the manufacturing stage. We burn-in our computers, statistically sample them, the run them through HASS testing to reveal any latent defects. Issues are discovered in our laboratory, not in your field operation.

Octagon History of Innovation