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Octagon Systems Rugged Computer Deployments 2014-2015


Octagon Systems reputation for reliable, mobile application-ready computers makes us the top choice for use in the world’s most harsh conditions.

In the last 24 months more than 1,800 rugged systems were deployed in Brazil, Eastern Siberia, North America, North East Angola, Russia, and South Africa.  Octagon is the preferred supplier because of our products proven endurance to handle extreme environments.  

Octagon customers rely on our platform to ensure optimal up-time of safety, fleet management, production and a diversity of applications with easy integration of third-party systems.

 About Octagon Systems Corporation

Founded in 1981, Octagon is a global leader in meeting the world’s rapidly changing mobile computer market.  Octagon is committed to meeting its clients’ requirements for high quality rugged products, trusted service and excellent value.  Our mobile computers, with over 200 million field hours, are renowned world-wide for reliable operation in some of the most extreme environments.

Octagon has designed and manufactured rugged computers since 1981 and has been ISO 9001 certified since 1993.