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TRAX-10 New Product Release


August 2016- Octagon Systems is pleased to announce the TRAX-10 mini-server/router optimized for the rugged mobile market. It is powered by the latest Intel® Quad-core CPU with high performance graphics capabilities. The TRAX-10 features a substantial amount of I/O including 5 Ethernet ports, CAN bus and multiple wireless modes. The versatility and processing power make it ideally suited for deployment on vehicles and equipment that run multiple on-board applications in stressful environments. 

Oil & Gas
Harsh industrial environments 

Key Benefits:
Open Architecture - Windows® and Linux ready
Intel® Dual Core CPU, 1.91 GHz
Future Proof - Plug in I/O
Gbit Ethernet, CAN, Serial, USB & Digital
GPS, WiFi, Cellular
-40° to 85°
Made in the USA

Founded in 1981, Octagon is a global leader in meeting the world’s rapidly changing mobile computer market. Octagon is committed to meeting its clients’ requirements for high quality rugged products, trusted service and excellent value. Performing vital tasks in some of the most extreme environments world-wide, our system products with over 120 million field hours are renowned for their 24/7 reliable operation.

Octagon has designed and manufactured rugged computers since 1981 and has been ISO 9001 certified since 1993.