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Octagon is an industry leader in innovative solutions for embedded and rugged PCs.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) center
Our CAD center is equipped with the latest design tools for high-tech computer development. Using an advanced electronic design, analysis, and processing tools, Octagon can route new designs while tuning line lengths, avoiding RF emissions, analyze timing, signal integrity, and performance. Our circuit board designs incorporate processors like the lntel®-compatible X86 as well as industry-standard interfaces, like the PCIexpress, SATA, DDR3, HDMI, USB, and many others. Our products keep pace with today's rapidly changing technologies. Your project will be securely based for future technological developments as well as the needs of your system today.

Compatibility and Durability Testing
Our systems are designed to operate in the most demanding environments. Our computers are subjected to rigorous tests with industry-standard operating systems, with compatibility diagnostics, and third-party adapters and peripherals. We conduct these tests prior to our systems going into production.  This delivers a crucial competitive advantage to our customers and avoids surprises common in the industry.

Electro-Magnetic Compliance (EMC) Test Center
One of the standards of global regulatory standards is electro-magnetic compatibility, such as CE, FCC, and industry and military specifications. Our EMC center is outfitted with state-of-the-art EMC design, test, and measurement tools. So, we can test and scan our products to prove they meet acceptable levels of electro-magnetic interference and immunity. 

Some of the standards we screen for include:

  • CE class A & B EMC
  • SAE-J1113-42
  • MIL-STD-461-F

Immunity Testing
As a pioneer in designing computer products for harsh environments, we know the importance of immunity testing. We use the latest signal generation equipment to simulate electrically noisy environments where incidental radiation from sources such as collapsing fields might damage or alter the circuitry of our boards. We also test computer performance under ESD, power supply fast transient and surge conditions. This brutal testing simulates the real world where reliability counts. Printed test reports are available to OEM customers. 

EMC Certification 
Many international standards require a written report of EMC test results. As part of our EMC program, a "report of measurement" is created that outlines the data collection and assessment process. A summary of the information is then generated. This "EMC Certificate of Assessment" is available if requested. 

Environmental Stress Screening
Certain components tend to be more susceptible to failure under environmental stress than others. We test the product life of our computers early in the design phase to identify and correct any "weak links".

1. The HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) verifies the operating and destructive limits of Octagon computers.

2. The HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) test is similar to the HALT test but occurs at the manufacturing stage. We burn-in our computers, and then statistically sample and subject them to HASS testing to reveal any latent defects. This means manufacturing problems show up in our laboratory, not in your field operation. The computer we ship to you  is one you can count on.

HALT testing subjects our computers to temperature and vibration stresses well beyond the range of conditions that we design them to endure. So, when we say our computers operate over a broad temperature range of -40° to 85° C, and exceed military standards for shock and vibration survival, we can stake our reputation on it.