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Octagon Systems is a pioneer

in rugged industrial computing and rugged mobile accessories. Octagon Systems is a leader in the embedded market. Since introducing the first fully integrated, embedded computer in 1981 we have continued to innovate at a rapid pace. Our newest rugged mobile devices and computers serve the open-pit mining industry in ways never before possible.

Octagon Systems’ durable, innovative solutions are suited to a wide variety of industries and strategic partners. Our experienced Sales and Engineering teams partner with our customers to anticipate future industry needs, identify trends and new market development.

Innovation is critical to your success and ours. 

A History of Innovation

1981 – Octagon introduced the first embedded computer with its own software development system and operating system on solid state disk.

1982 – Octagon won the contract to deliver hundreds of computers for California’s largest wind turbine array.

1984 – Octagon entered the STD Bus market and became one of the top players within six years with a 200 page catalog of products.

1986 – Octagon introduced a line of very fast SBCs that included CAMBASIC, a compiled industrial programming language supplied in ROM. No other software development tools were needed for program development.  More than 100,000 cards with CAMBASIC are in the field today.

1991 – Octagon introduced the first truly industrial IBM PC architecture (MicroPC™) in a rugged card cage format. It included temperature ratings to -40°C to 85°C and shock to 20g. The product line continues today.

1996 – The MicroPC™ compatible, 4000 series was introduced which were CPUs rich in various complements of I/O.

1998 – The higher performance, MicroPC compatible 6000 series were a step up from the 4000 series, in computing power and memory.

1999 – Octagon began releasing a series of Single Board computers in the EBX, EPIC™ and PC/104 form factors over the next decade.

2004 – Octagon introduced its first mobile computer.

2004 - Octagon co-authored the EPIC™ embedded computing specification that became a world standard.

2005 – Octagon introduced a custom mobile computer for city buses combining innovative mechanical and electrical designs that exceeded market expectation.

2006 – Octagon’s unique design won a very large, custom public transportation project for a capital city in Europe with a customized rugged computer designed to operate in limited spaces.

2007 – Octagon developed a new generation of rugged computers for use in open-pit mining and is now considered the market leader in this area.

2011 – By providing superior COTS military performance, Octagon won a major long term contract to supply the Navy with computers for their amphibious warfare.

2012 – Octagon introduced a line of rugged, high performance, lower cost computers for mining and public transportation.


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