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ISO 9001:2008
Octagon is an industry leader in innovative solutions for embedded industrial PCs.

Octagon's quality policy
Octagon Systems is dedicated to Simplifying Technology.  Quality, Integrity, Ownership, Flexibility and Continuous Improvement are at the heart of our operations. 

We are committed to meeting our customer’s requirements for High Quality Products, Superior Service and Excellent Value.

ISO guarantees our customers continual improvement
ISO focuses on the effectiveness of the "quality management system" in meeting customer needs and requirements. The standard aims at enhancing customer satisfaction through effective company processes and systems and through continual improvement of those processes.

ISO audits occur twice a year
Octagon is audited every six months by an independent registrar, and we are re–certified at those intervals if we pass the audit. We have passed every audit since 1993.

Our commitment to customers
Employees at every level are responsible for our quality system. Employees document their work processes and strive to make each process more efficient and cost–effective. Managers ensure employees have the resources and support to analyze and improve company systems. Our managers review our entire quality management system once a year. We pass on the improvements and cost–savings to our customers in better products, better service, and better delivery times.