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Octagon’s TRAX rugged computers were recently deployed in Siberia, at two of the largest gold mines in the world.

Hardware Implementation Strategies in Mining & Construction

Rapid changes in mobile computer technologies make it difficult to choose an implementation strategy that serves long term needs…

TRAX-10 New Product Release

August 2016- Octagon Systems is pleased to announce the TRAX-10 mini-server/router optimized for the rugged mobile market.

Rugged Box Systems Gain More Functionality and Performance

Managing to gain performance while at the same time reducing in size, rugged box systems continue to evolve as critical solution…

TRAX-2 New Product Release

March 2016 - The rugged, cost effective TRAX-2 is Octagon’s latest mobile platform.

Octagon Systems Rugged Computer Deployments 2014-2015

Octagon Systems reputation for reliable, mobile application-ready computers makes us the top choice for use in the world’s most …

TRAX-5 recognized in Electronic Products Publication

The TRAX-5 computing platform is powered by an Atom E3845 quad-core CPU with 2 Mbytes of L2 cache and 2 Gbytes or more of DDR3-1…

TRAX-5 New Product Release

October 2014 - Octagon Systems is pleased to announce the TRAX product line.

Asset Tracking recognized in Electronic Products Publication

TRAKR New Product Release

September 2015 - Octagon Systems is pleased to announce the TRAKR, an intelligent asset tracker and control computer. Download t…

Now Available - Manage Your Assets with Octagon's TRAKR


Recommending the Best Rugged Computer for the Mining Industry

Your customers rely on you for world-class fleet management software, implementation and product support. You design proven sol…

The Intrinsic Value of Intelligent Asset Management: Protection, Productivity and Profit

Mining, freighting and other industries operating under extreme conditions rely heavily on communication and consistency to keep…

Octagon's Rugged Mobile Computer Deployed at Mount Polley, BC, Canada.

Octagon Systems is pleased to announce that its rugged mobile computer will be deployed at Mount Polley in south-central British…

Octagon Systems Products at EXPO Ferroviaria 2014

Our Italian Distributor Dimac Red S.r.l. will be promoting Octagon Systems products at EXPO Ferroviaria 2014 an International …

Octagon Systems Corporation Receives Order for U.S. Navy’s LPD

Octagon Systems announced today that it has been awarded an additional delivery order from Raytheon to provide their rugged FLEE…

Octagon Systems Rugged Computer Deployments 2013

Octagon Systems Corporation – is pleased to announce that it’s rugged on-board computers have been deployed this year at Kaniamb…

MOBL-D4 announced in Diesel Progress Magazine

For where failure is not an option. Octagon Systems expands communication capabilities for mobile computers targeting demanding …

New Product Release – MOBL-D4

Octagon Systems has announced the MOBL-D4, a low-power rugged computing platform that excels in demanding mobile applications...

MOBL-D2 listed in “Tools of the Trade”

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Octagon Systems has announced the MOBL-D2, a low-power rugged computer that excels in demanding mobile applications in construction, mining, transporation and harsh environments. Click here to learn more about the MOBL - D2

Octagon Systems Attending CONEXPO 2017 

March 7 - March 11 2017 - Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas NV


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