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The Intrinsic Value of Intelligent Asset Management: Protection, Productivity and Profit

Mining, freighting and other industries operating under extreme conditions rely heavily on communication and consistency to keep business running smoothly.  Access to reliable, real-time information is essential, yet the efficient flow of information across teams and machines remains one of the largest challenges these organizations face. Download Our White Paper >>

Recommending the Best Rugged Computer for the Mining Industry

Your customers rely on you for world-class fleet management software, implementation and product support. You design proven solutions that automate operations, lower costs, increase productivity and protect lives. Download Our White Paper >>

History of Computers in Fleet Management . . .

Fleet has been an early adopter of new technology, starting with card reader equipment in the 1950s, use of mainframes in the 1960s, “dumb” terminals of the 1970s, PCs in the 1980s, and now a multitude of Web-enabled services. Read full article >>


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