Mining And Quarries


In today’s dynamic mining industry, Octagon’s application-ready rugged mining computer platforms set the benchmark in reliability accumulating 120,000,000+ field hours per year.  Our customers rely on our rugged computer to support critical safety, communications, fleet management, V2X, IoT gateway and other mobile computer functions. High-density I/O and wireless integration reduce technology clutter. Our IoT ready platforms provide reliable secure connectivity to the cloud to improve safety and productivity through real-time data sharing.

Mining Computers

Octagon mining customers can deploy their choice of third-party software applications, wireless technologies and interfaces into a single platform without having to undergo a myriad of equipment and network upgrades.  This reduces deployment costs and maintenance requirements while increasing safety and efficiency.

No matter the size of the mine or quarry, we have TRAX products that will fit your price and performance requirements.


Integrate with Windows or Linux software or as a mobile server to run multiple applications on one industry standard platform:


  • Safety
  • Driver management
  • Fleet management
  • Asset tracking 
  • Communication (V2X), WiFi, Cellular
  • Mine management
  • Mine monitoring
  • Machine guidance for drilling and blasting
  • Navigation
  • Equipment maintenance and health monitoring