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Mining Vehicle Computers

Mining Vehicle Computers

Octagon’s application ready, on-board mining computer platforms set the new benchmark in reliability. They are inspired by over three decades of experience building rugged computers designed for harsh environments, and are field proven by millions of hours of operation in extreme conditions.

Performing vital tasks in over 100 mines worldwide, our systems are renowned for their 24/7 reliable operation.  The open-architecture modularity gives our mining computer customers considerable flexibility to choose from, including a range of RF, GPS and hardware interfaces to suit their individual needs. The future proof open framework makes it easy to add and upgrade new applications and functionality.

Octagon mining customers can deploy their choice of third party software applications, wireless technologies and interfaces into a single platform without having to undergo  a myriad of equipment and network upgrades.  This reduces deployment costs and maintenance requirements while increasing safety and efficiency. The goal is always to improve reliability and reduce technology clutter.

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Mining Computers

In this industry, we need a rugged, dependable hardware choice that will run our robust software. The Octagon units provide us with the optimal mining computer platform for our products and they continue to advance the design and ruggedness with us for the future.

To say Wenco is impressed with Octagon System’s ruggedized, on-board mining vehicle computers is an understatement. For the past four years, Wenco has ordered over 2,000 units and shipped them to over 50 mine sites worldwide.

Mining equipment constantly challenges hardware by exposing the units to the roughest collection of environments on the planet. Vibration, dust, extreme heat and cold are constantly thrown at mining equipment. Keeping the delicate, sensitive communications and tracking components safe and in working order is essential for the Wenco System. Octagon builds that product for us.

We firmly stand behind Octagon as our major supplier of ruggedized, onboard mining computers."

Yoshi Furuno, Previous Vice President & COO
Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd. 

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