Octagon TRAKR

Far more flexible and powerful than simple GPS units, the TRAKR industrial mobile computers are integrated with customer generated programs like GPS Server, Router Bridge, Wireless Access Point, Collision Avoidance and more. Now you can reliably track all your key equipment, devices and vehicles with the needed performance and manage your operations without costly equipment errors.



Powered by a 400MHz RISC processor, TRAKR is designed for remote installations.

  • COM
  • Ethernet
  • GPIO
  • Wireless communications options
  • Low Precision GPS
  • 9 Axis Accelerometer
  • -40C to71C  operation
  • IP65 rating
  • Headless operation


Real World Applications


  • Remote vehicle monitoring
  • Asset tracking
  • Data collection and transmission
  • Fleet vehicles
  • V2X
  • Access Point