Octagon TRAX-4


The TRAX-4 line of mobile computers are easily installed and maintained in a wide variety of vehicle types. It's ideally suited for fleet vehicles, including public transportation and freight hauling. These smaller size and reliable mobile computers get the job done at a great price.



Our lower cost, smaller size variant of the TRAX-5.  TRAX-4 features the same Intel® Quad core performance:

  • USB
  • CAN
  • COM
  • Ethernet
  • GPIO
  • Wireless communications options
  • Low Precision GPS
  • 9 Axis Accelerometer
  • -40C to 71C  operation
  • IP65 rating


Real World Applications


  • Remote vehicle monitoring
  • Machine vision and control
  • Digital navigation systems
  • Targeting systems
  • Asset tracking
  • Data collection and transmission
  • Fleet vehicles