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Open-pit Mining

Open-pit-mining.png"There were reliability issues with manufacturers in the past, but we're very pleased with the stability and quality of Octagon's hardware solutions."

Wenco International Mining Systems, a subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery.




Wenco is a global leader in comprehensive fleet management systems for open-pit mining including haul trucks, shovels, dozers, graders and other vehicles.

Key factors in selecting an Octagon computer:

  • High shock and vibration rating
  • Wide temperate range to withstand harsh environment
  • Best-in-class mobile power supply to provide power management for unstable, unpredictable environments
  • Field-proven reliability 

Octagon's RMB-C2 offered Wenco proven endurance to handle all the extremes encountered in mining environments, as well as offering excellent ingress protection. Our product modularity provided ease of in-field installation and integration with third-party programs based on Wenco's requirements.

Octagon's MOBL-D2 offered Wenco the same reliability for smaller utility vehicles.

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Coal and Copper Mining

Teck-ShortStory-Img.png One compelling reason that Teck adopted the rugged RMB-C2 computer was Octagon Systems’ “willingness to work with us and consider our input in evolving the product.”

David Morris, Project Manager, Teck 


Consolidating applications in a fleet of networked heavy equipment at its copper and steelmaking coal mines, including trucks, shovels, dozers, graders, etc.

Key factors in selecting an Octagon computer:

  • Desire for open standards
  • Need to integrate disparate networks
  • High shock and vibration rating
  • Wide temperate range to withstand harsh environment
  • Best-in-class mobile power supply to provide power management for unstable, unpredictable environments

Octagon’s RMB-C2 provided Teck with a rugged, reliable computer that supported both a legacy network and a new open network. The Octagon application-ready platform allows Teck to run multiple programs like Wenco International’s Fleet Control and Bench Manager, Carlson Grade from Carlson Software, Matrikon MEMS and more. 

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Computerized Precision Farming for Optimum Yield


“I knew that there was variability in the field, but I did not realize that it was that extreme,” says an Idaho wheat farmer using a combine equipped with GPS, and a yield monitor. “One hillside pays for the whole field.”

Precision farming allows farmers to maximize crop quality and production. In addition, it can reduce pollution by monitoring yields, moisture and soil conditions in concert with GPS systems. To develop a site-specific management plan, farmers need to link data about the site’s physical properties, such as elevation, to the geographic location of the site.

With this knowledge, growers can write specific plans to manage distinctive areas in their fields. Without this planning, the yield rates from one area of a field to another vary by as much as 250%. And precision farming reduces pollution by precisely gauging fertilizer needs. To make this information available to growers, Rockwell Collins developed the Vision System utilizing Octagon product. This system is mounted in the combine (photo on top). As the farmer harvests the field, the Vision System collects data for future planning.

Key factors in selecting an Octagon computer for the Rockwell Collins Vision System:

  • Harsh environment: Wide temperature range & high vibration
  • High functionality: GPS support
  • Video: Large nonvolatile memory; serial communications; compact size-package installed in the cab of a combine

Octagon designed a custom product which allowed for a sophisticated mobile solution. While the cab  is climate controlled when in operation, nonoperating conditions are extreme. As in all mobile applications 20g shock and 5g vibration specifications were required.

Heavy Shock and Vibration Control System


“The fact that we were able to take an Octagon board and get everything working without a lot of fuss is really a great thing, considering the nasty environments that these systems are subject to.” 
James Redman, VP Systems
Dybonics Electronics Engineering Inc.

Logging equipment in the Pacific Northwest requires precise control of heavy, powerful equipment. Dybonics Electronics Engineering Inc. designed the controls for Pierce Pacific’s Delimber, Harvestar and the newer Teloscopic Delimber with rugged conditions in mind. These systems must function in extreme temperature conditions with varying shock and vibration thresholds. This logging equipment is designed to cut, delimb and stack large trees in the forest regions of Alaska, Northern California, Oregon, Washington and some parts of Canada. It also features self diagnostics and processing reports to aid in the planning process.

Key factors in selecting Octagon's product included:

  • Heavy shock and vibration to withstand the rugged nature of mechanically harvesting trees
  • Temperature range can be as cold as -30° and as hot as 70°C.
  • Single card system
  • Strong digital I/O capabilities
  • Serial ports, which are used for storage drives and laptop devices
  • Faster processor was desirable for newer logging equipment
  • Reliability in rugged environments

Design engineers at Dybonics Electronics Engineering in Portland, Oregon chose Octagon’s solution because it didn't require additional functions be added to the system and minimal downtime for maintenance.

Oil Well Monitoring & Control

"Several prototypes have been implemented successfully. No product in the market matches the capabilities of the application. Full implementation is expected to be hundreds of units."

Carlos Llovera
Proytek, SA.

Venezuela is a founding member of OPEC, and the world’s fourth largest oil exporter. Reliable, uninterrupted oil production is vital since oil accounts for 80 percent of the country’s exports. And because of the hot, humid tropical climate, Venezuela requires rugged, tough equipment to survive extreme field conditions. Toward that end Proytek, a Venezuelan systems integration and engineering firm, was hired. Proytek’s task was to develop a system to optimize remote oil–well production with an intelligent RTU. This system can automatically select the best operational mode depending on well and equipment conditions.

Key factors in selecting an Octagon computer:

  • High reliability 
  • Extended temperature range
  • Low maintenance
  • Control and monitoring capabilities

Octagon’s wide temperature range product is a cost-effective, rugged, compact solution with minimal maintenance.


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