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Octagon Rugged Mobile Computers 

For more than 35 years Octagon has delivered rugged mobile computer systems to meet the specialized needs of our customers. All our products are designed to survive the rigors of challenging environments. We provide the most reliable hardware for our customers who require scalable, industrial mobile computers that perform multiple functions on a single mobile platform.   Our open framework is future-proof making it easy to add and upgrade new applications and functionality.

The new TRAX Series of industrial mobile computer platforms  are cost effective, designed with a wide range of configuration options for running critical mining, safety, industrial, communication, fleet management, asset 
management and operations software.

  • Single Hardware Solution – reduces “technology clutter”
  • Future Proof – Plug-in I/O
  • Open Architecture – Windows® and Linux Ready


TRAX-10 Mobile ComputerSimilar to the field-proven TRAX-5, the TRAX-10 features a substantial amount of I/O, including 5 Ethernet ports, a CAN bus and multiple wireless modes. This mobile computer platform functions as a mini server/router in one unit, reducing “technology clutter” in a vehicle cab.

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TRAX-5 Industrial Mobile Computers

Designed with Intel° Quad-core for high system performance and quality graphics capability. The TRAX-5 rugged mobile computers are application-ready, enabling the user to run multiple applications simultaneously.

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TRAX-4 Mobile ComputersThe TRAX-4 mobile computers are easily installed and maintained. It's ideally suited for fleet vehicles including public transportation and freight hauling.

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TRAX-2 Industrial Mobile ComputersThe TRAX-2 is a mobile edge gateway for the Internet of Things. Designed with a wide variety of communications options, it is ideal for integrating software applications and wireless technologies. Its low profile facilitates easy installation in a wide variety of vehicles.

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Trakr Industrial Mobile Computers

Far more flexible and powerful than simple GPS units, the TRAKR industrial mobile computers are integrated with customer generated programs like GPS Server, Router Bridge, Wireless Access Point, Collision Avoidance and more.

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MOBL-D2 Mobile ComputersThe MOBL-D2 offers an extremely cost effective and low power consumption computing platform for light to medium duty computing needs. There is no compromise of rugged performance with features such as standard GPS, real world mobile power supply, wireless options and Octagon's successful heat management system.

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RMB-C2B Industrial Mobile Computers The RMB series of Rugged Mobile Computer Systems offers unmatched design, durability, and heat dissipation. Designed with industrial grade components to allow for fanless operation over a wide temperature range in extreme environments.  The modularity of the RMB series enables custom functionality with COTS ruggedness without large up-front costs.

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Tough Touch Industrial Mobile Computers

The K-10 display is a rugged 10" LED LCD display. It is ideal for in-cab applications, its high brightness and auto backlight features provide a reliable interface to vehicle drivers.

The resistive touch screen facilitates the use of gloved operation. The sturdy aluminum housing protects the display in harsh environments.

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Ruggedized Computers