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Mobl-D2 - Mobile Computers, Rugged Computers


Public Transit Systems 
Construction Vehicles 




The MOBL-D2 excels in demanding applications like police, trucking, emergency vehicles, transit systems and other applications where the cost of failure is unacceptably high. The careful circuit design, component selection, testing and superior heat dissipation maximize reliability and minimize costly downtime. The use of military connectors for I/O further enhances reliability where cable stress would damage PC style connectors. The shock suppression system is designed for 24/7 abuse, not just passing a brief MIL test. 

Long-term reliability is at the core of our design philosophy. The MOBL-D2 incorporates the field-proven, Octagon Hedgehog© power supply technology, providing superior protection from the severe transients common in mobile power systems. It rejects load dumps, repeated transients and overvoltage. 

A unique design tightly integrates the electrical, thermal and mechanical components into a complete system with no compromise to any one segment. It is designed for applications where severe environments and high performance meet. This successful design philosophy allows fanless operation over a conservative –30°C to 71°C range, by using components rated for -40°C to 85°C. 

The fully developed and proven platform accelerates your design process. It can be supplied with Windows XPe® or Linux pre–installed with all drivers. 



Very low-power CPU 
Economical without sacrificing reliability 
Smallest computer of its class 
–30°C to 71°C fanless operation 
Meets MIL–810F shock and vibration 
Meets FCC and CE for emissions 
Made in USA 

Power Supply 
9V to 36V input voltage range 
Extensive transient protection 
Ignition switch input for smart OS shutdown 

50-channel GPS, best in class for fast 
lock and sensitivity - included 
Connectors for WiFi, GSM, etc 

PCI/104 and Mini PCI expansion 
Connectivity and I/O 
COM – Two RS-232 and one RS-485
USB – Two ports, USB 2.0; 1 rear service port
Digital I/O – Four inputs to 32V, one output
Ethernet – 10/100 Mb 
Video – VGA displays to 1280 x 1024
CAN Bus 

Compatible Operating Systems 
Windows® XPe or Linux 
All drivers included 



Low-Power Processor 
DM&P Vortex 86MX
6-stage pipeline 
Floating point unit 
4-way L2 cache 
800 MHz clock speed 
Maximum power - 2.5W 

DRAM Memory 
1 GB DDR2, industrial temperature grade, surface–mounted 

4 GB, industrial temperature grade, error-correcting, automatic wear–leveling - optional 

Serial Ports 
Three RS-232, two-wire plus ground, (one optional) 
One RS-485 
All ports to 115KB 

USB Ports 
Two 2.0 ports, speeds 1.5, 12 and 480 Mb/s, one rear service port

Ignition Input 
Assures orderly shutdown when the engine is turned off, preventing data loss 

Digital I/O 
One output, switches to ground, 100 mA 
Four input lines, voltage detect 10mA current limited

Ethernet Ports 
One 10/100 Base–T port 

Wireless Ports 
50-channel GPS, fast lock, -160 dBm sensitivity, high immunity to jamming, female TNC connector 
Rugged “N” connectors for WiFi, GSM, Mesh, etc.
3G/4G cellular (option)

VGA video to 1920x1440 resolution 
Display power through video connector 

Keyboard and Mouse 
Supported through USB ports 

Power Supply 
9-36VDC input voltage (10-32 VDC continuous) 
Protection - load dump, reverse voltage, brown-out and transient protection 
ATX mode compatible 

Power Consumption 
9-11W at 27VDC input depending upon operating conditions. Less than 1.5W in standby 

Status LEDs (bi–color) 
Indicate different power states 
Ethernet link and activity 
Status light programmed by user 

–30°C to +71°C ambient air temperature 
Fanless operation over the full temp range 
Allow 50 mm on five of six sides for natural convection when used in ambients above 50°C 
For user-added electronics derate 2°C/W 
Shock & vibration - MIL STD 810F, method 516.5 

Meets FCC and CE Class A requirements 

Size: 180 mm wide, 102 mm high, 235 mm deep, including connectors and shock suppression plate (7.1” x 4.0” x 9.3”) 
Shock mediation system withstands millions of shock cycles 
Weight: 2.26 kg (4.98 lbs) 
External Finish: Powder coat paint 

CAN/DIG Connector
Digital IN, Relay out and CAN Bus 

Ethernet Connector 
10/100 BASE T Ethernet 

Power Connector 
24V Vehicular power and Ignition switch 

SER/USB Connector
Four serial ports & two USB ports 

Display Connector 
Video, power, touchscreen, control & video