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The MOBL series of Mobile Computer Systems offers an extremely cost effective and low power consumption computing platform for light to medium duty computing needs.  There is no compromise of rugged performance with features such as standard GPS, real world mobile power supply, wireless options, and Octagons unique form-factors designed especially for our mobile enclosures.

Common applications include but are not limited to the following:

  • Public transit systems
  • Construction vehicles¬†
  • Trucking
MOBL - D2 - Power Over Ethernet, Industrial Computers


The MOBL-D2 is a variation in wireless configuration of the MOBL-D, having all the same low power and cost effective advantages. The same PCI expansion, Standard GPS, and optional wireless and Tough Touch display interface as the MOBL-D, and more robust antenna connectors, the MOBL-D2 provides yet another computer option for almost any mobile computing need.

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