Tech Support

+1 303.426.4521


Before You Return Your Product...

Our technical support engineers are trained to troubleshoot your application problems. Please feel free to call them at +1 303.426.4521 to see if they can assist you, before you return your product. If you do need to return your product, Technical Support will issue you an RMA number. 

Once we have repaired the product, we contact you with the repair charges. We require a P.O. for all repair charges prior to return shipping on the product. Charges for NON-WARRANTY repairs are as follows: for board level product $150.00/hour, not to exceed the cost of the product. For system level product the cost is $150.00/hour with a minimum of 2 hours.

Charges will apply in the event that no defects are found on warranty or non-warranty items returned for repair. NDF charges are as follows: $150.00.

Rush repair charges are for a 48-hour turnaround and are as follows: $150.00 plus standard repair charges.


Octagon warrants that any system level product and components within systems of its manufacture shall be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 14 months; from date of purchase.

  • If an obsolete product is returned for repair, efforts will be made to repair the product.  This may not be possible due to the unavailability of parts.  If the product is still within warranty period and replacement product is not available a credit may be given.
  • For System-level products Special Terms & Conditions see below.
  • For resale items like displays, we extend the manufacturer's warranty to one year. 
  • Batteries, fuses and opto modules are not accepted for repair. 
  • If your product is found to be defect free (NDF), you will be charged a service fee.


Octagon understands that customers may need to alter their systems for their final configuration.  Octagon recognizes that some of these alterations will be done for convenience or proprietary reasons.

Customers must notify Octagon Systems technical support prior to alterations of their originally configured systems. This will provide Octagon with a better understanding of the usage of its systems and any issues that may arise from the alterations. Octagon does not guarantee the proper operation of alterations and the decision to proceed is at the sole discretion of the customer.

Octagon strongly urges any additions to their Systems only where sockets are provided. Alterations to the system components are expressly forbidden and shall void the warranty.

After repair, each Octagon system is tested prior to delivery using production test software.  As a result, any settings altered by the customer, data and customer installed software will be lost.  It is strongly recommended that customers backup a copy of their settings prior to sending the unit in for repair. In some cases it may be necessary to remove customer added hardware to bring the system back to its original configuration.

Octagon will not be held responsible for any damage caused by added hardware. Any customer added hardware will not be tested.

Damage done to the system due to customer added hardware will void any warranty. It is also mandatory for all work being done to these systems be completed in a ESD safe environment.